A party store owner popularizes party poppers as self-defense weapons, leading to confetti-filled chaos.

My senior capstone project at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Animated in After Effects with DuIK. Thank you to my cast and long-time supporters for helping this project come to life!

Awhile ago, I'd announced on my social media that I was beginning production on my animated capstone project for RIT, Mr. Pablo's Party Poppers. It's a 2D puppet-animated short film about a party store owner that popularizes party poppers as self-defense weapons. The full film, which is expected to run about 5 minutes, will come out this December.

I'm super excited to share all the work I've been putting into it, so over the coming weeks, I'll be posting in-progress snippets on my site (Patrons get to see them early!) and eventually a full trailer. Stay tuned!

It's that time of year again! I'll be at the Megaplex Dealer's Den this weekend, August 9-11th. This year I'm showing off some cool new stickers and lenticular postcards, as well as previews of my upcoming film, Mr. Pablo's Party Poppers. Hope to see you there!

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