The TOS has been recently updated to be more reader-friendly. Some policies may have changed, so please take note even if you've commissioned Studio NLM in the past!
Last updated: 1 May 2021

ACCEPTABLE REQUESTS: Commissions must fit the following conditions:

  • You own the copyright (or have permission/fair usage rights) of the subject, UNLESS usage will be personal only.

  • The composition does NOT contain offensive speech, imagery, or symbolism.

  • The work will NOT be used for blockchain activities (see Usage and Copyright).

  • NSFW requests ARE allowed, though handled by the Softkorb handle.

DELIVERY TIMES: Work starts as soon as payment is received (see next section). Expect at least a one-week turnaround for illustrations. Animation turnarounds will vary on the scope of the project. For pre-made items, please allow a few business days for shipping and handling. Rush orders may be accommodated - you may ask in your initial inquiry.

PRICING AND PAYMENT: Quotes for a project will vary depending on many factors, primarily on client size and usage. Unless negotiated otherwise, you are expected to pay the full cost of the commission upfront before services are rendered. Please plan ahead for negotiations and transaction errors, especially if it's a rush order!

PROOFS AND REVISIONS: The first image(s) you'll receive after payment will be watermarked proofs, and are your opportunity to review the work and request any changes before being finalized. The first major revision is included in the quote; you are encouraged to tip for additional changes, especially if they add significantly to the length of the project.

USAGE AND COPYRIGHT: You're allowed to repost, use, and alter commissioned works as long as you clearly credit Studio NLM for the original work. Studio NLM retains all rights to commissioned work, unless negotiated otherwise. Exclusivity will incur an extra fee.

  • ON NON-FUNGIBLE TOKENS (NFTs): You are NOT permitted to store any commissioned work from Studio NLM on a blockchain, nor use commissioned works to promote any blockchain service.

TROUBLESHOOTING: At any step, if you have questions or issues with your commission, please contact Studio NLM ASAP. Email is the preferred contact method. In case of client cancellation, a full or partial refund may be offered depending on the extent of services rendered. In extreme circumstances, Studio NLM may cancel the commission at will, and a full refund will be issued.