New Year Update - ANE and More!

Hey all! I think it's about time I posted another official update here on what's happening with Studio NLM.

Firstly, I'm going to ANE next weekend to be in the Artist Alley! I'm currently scheduled for just Friday (and Sunday, but I'll be flying back early because uni is still a thing), but I'll try to squeeze in Saturday and at the very least I'll be hanging around the con area if you'd like to say hi! It'll be my second year at ANE and I hope I can see more people and things this time around!

I've also got plans for other cons in the works, too - this summer I'll be back at Megaplex again with more prints and merch, and I'm hoping to get in for MFF as well. As always, the best way to stay in the know is by following my Twitter!

Speaking of prints, for those who may be wondering where I get some of mine, 4OVER4 has been very wonderful over the years! I've used them for my small prints and business cards since my very first Dealer table at Anthrocon '15. They have a lot of options for paper and finishes to give my cards that professional look and feel. (And super low minimums, which is essential for tiny birb freelancers like me. ;v; ) I'm definitely looking forward to start planning my new prints for this con season with them!

Of course, cons aren't the only place that you can get cool new art from me! If you haven't heard about my Patreon, each month I upload a free-to-use graphic that all my Patrons can see at least a week early! Higher-tier Patrons can also get early access to WIPs of these graphics and other art or animation I'm making, exclusive postcards, and discounts on commission rates! This year I'm intending to raise my rates to cover my budget for my current film and con runs, so it's a great way to support me and get a personal little gift each month for just a few dollars!

Phew, that's enough shameless (self)-promotion for now. Stay tuned for more updates on art and animation from Studio NLM soon!

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